Friday, June 12, 2015

Five Minute Friday {World}

I think of all my compassion children all over the world. Brazil, Kenya, Indonesia, Bolivia, Haiti, Ethiopia, Nicaragua, and Ecuador.
I read all about their world online and through their letters. They write and ask me to pray for them and their countries.  They talk about how they have to walk to get water and how they walk to the center to learn about Jesus. I get tears in my eyes when I read about how much they love Jesus.  My beautiful children of the world.  Along with my two daughters they humble me.
I pray for all my children. I pray for my daughters that they make a difference in the world no matter how small it is. I pray for my children of the world, that I can share my love and God’s love for them though the letters I write. I pray that people continue to sponsor children so that they may get an education and have a safe place to learn and grow.
I strongly believe that child sponsorship through Compassion International is one of the best ways to prevent slavery and child labor before it begins. Want to become an abolitionist with a focus on preventing slavery? Become a sponsor!

Tweet: Today is World Day Against Child Labor Day Every kid deserves a childhood of freedom. But 150 million kids in developing countries are robbed of that freedom.

 I am joining  #FiveMinuteFriday today.

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