Thursday, September 20, 2018

Thirsty for more review and giveaway!

In Allison Allen's book, Thirsty for More shes talks about discovering God's unexpected blessings in a desert season. We thirst for God's nearness when we are in the desert seasons.

She writes, one of the blessings the desert teaches us is strength and confidence.  A holy confidence that, in Christ, we are capable of more than we previously believed. And sometimes to prove such a thing to our timid hearts, he walks us into the desert, where we have no choice but to go through the experience we are convinced we cannot weather. And when we do, we have the assurance that we can follow him into whatever comes next.

Surrender. Let go. These old things don't serve you anymore. This desert, daughter, is for your surrender, and surrender is the doorway to a new spiritual season. It's time to wave the flag.

This book is very encouraging. She shows how God can use these times in our lives to reveal himself to us. Show us his plan, restore our souls, and give us strength.


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Disclaimer: I received an advance reader copy of this book for being on the launch team. All opinions are my own.

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