Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Prayers for Ecuador

As many of you have heard, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck near the central coast of Ecuador on Saturday night causing devastating damage.

Carlos, one of my correspondent children I write to is from Duran, Ecuador. We are still waiting to hear if any of the compassion children or family members have been affected. Prayers for this country would be greatly appreciated at this time.

From Compassion International:

Compassion staff in Ecuador is working fervently to provide assistance and relief wherever possible. We have not yet received specific information regarding whether any Compassion children or their family members have been affected as the damage is still being assessed. We have about 22 Compassion centers within 60 miles of the epicenter, if your child is in one of these centers, we will update you regarding his safety and well-being as soon as more information becomes available. However, we want to ask that you would please join us in prayer for the people of Ecuador.

Please join us in prayer today for:
  • The children and families who have been impacted by the earthquake. Pray for God to comfort all who have lost family members and friends. Pray also that those who have been injured will recover quickly.
  • The endurance of those carrying out rescue efforts. Pray for miraculous stories of survival as people are pulled from the rubble.
  • The rebuilding process as many people have lost their homes and many businesses have been damaged.

If you feel led to give a gift to help with disaster relief efforts, like the earthquake in Ecuador, you can do so by giving to Compassion’s Disaster Relief Fund.

Through your donation you can provide such immediate needs as:
  • temporary shelter
  • medical aid
  • water and sanitation
  • emergency food

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