Thursday, April 2, 2015

Rewards of the heart

I recently joined the Compassion Bloggers Network and the first assignment I have is to blog about this little boy, sweet Judah, in the video below.

Although not as severe as Judah’s condition, both of my daughters had to have surgery when they were younger. My oldest had a big birthmark on her leg the doctor said would eventually turn cancerous removed when she was 8 months old.  My youngest had a cyst removed above her eye at 9 months old. She also had a cyst on her ovary they found when I was pregnant with her.  She did not have to have surgery to remove that one thankfully. The cyst twisted and cut off blood flow to the ovary and the body broke it down on its own.  I am so thankful I live in a part of the world where we have access to doctors and hospitals.

My story of sponsorship
I made the decision to sponsor a child in November 2013.  Our church held a Compassion Sunday. The young man that spoke was in the Compassion program in Kenya growing up. He talked about how much of a positive impact it had on his life and I was moved by his message. I can't say enough what a blessing sponsoring has been. I went into this thinking I would be only giving but I have received so much. It has made a big impact on my two daughters as well. As my 8 year old told my 5 year old,  it's not about the letters we get from them, it is about the letters we send them to show them we love them and care for them and the happiness we get from sending them letters and praying for them.

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