Thursday, April 30, 2015

Encourging words-Pastor Letters from Compassion Child Centers-Part 1

We have recently received pastor letters from almost all our sponsored and correspondent children. It was amazing and encouraging to hear how the child centers impact not only the child but also the families and parts of the community. Each letter shared the importance of the children receiving letters from their sponsor and how greatly it impacts them. Some also included their plans for the church/child center and how they plan to reach out to others in the community to help and share Gods word.

from Arturo Guato Garcia- Pastor of Nueva Vida Student Center in Ecuador
Please know that many of the children from the center have gone on to graduation from university; they have a family, a stable job, and a good life.  The vision of our church is to evangelize house by house, for 12 blocks around the church. A beautiful testimony is to share with you how the sponsored children save every letter, picture, and postcard with so much joy, and the way in which they share their testimony through the communication with their sponsors. But I have also seen how they get discouraged when they don't receive a letter from their sponsors.

from Zewge Asefa-Pastor of Mehal Dire Dawa Meserete Kirstos Church Student Center in Ethiopia
I am called by God and willing to bring to fulfillment the visions of the church and the center in the lives of these children and their families. Currently, many of these children and their parents are accepting the Lord as their personal Savior. The center is providing for them all the physical and spiritual support needed for their development and is playing a great role to enable these children to become a fulfilled and responsible generation to take over the leadership of our nation. The children are so excited to receive a letter and read every word of news, love, and encouragement from their sponsors. This helps their self-esteem and they are eager to write back and tell about their lives.

from Olest Merilien-Pastor of Port-de-Paix Child Development Center in Haiti
Through cooking classes and pastry provided for the youth of the center, more than forty young girls were registered to prepare dishes and recipes for any occasion like weddings, graduation, and other. A group of 30 mothers were trained in cooking and baking class and will receive certificates for that. Children are being taught basic computer software skills, learning music, painting and calligraphy. The relationship between a child and a sponsor is so important and capital. A child is always excited to receive a letter from their sponsor.

from Detty Merry Kewas Pangemanan-Pastor of Nafiri Church and Student Center in East Indonesia
It has become our dream that the children of the center have a positive impact for the community, starting with their own family. We are also determined to change the way of thinking of the coummunity about children and the importance to educate them holistically in Jesus Christ.  The community has realized the importance of the center and is helping in all activities, including constructing and maintaining the facility and building where the children study and do activities. The letters they receive become a motivation for the children studying.

from Rev. Lucas Onyango Jasor-pastor of the P.A.G Gee Child Development Center in Kenya
The Center has positively impacted the registered children since they are now able to access paid health care and secondary school education. They receive Christian teachings and a number of children have professed faith in Jesus in the past year. Receiving letters and writing letters to their sponsors build their self-esteem. Also in learning how to read and write English since this is the language that they usually use. Receiving a letter is like receiving love from their sponsor, and children know that someone values them.

from George Ngare Njue-pastor of ACK St Lukes Kirima Parish in Kenya
The center has had positive impact in the community by enhancing the spiritual growth.  Families that didn't have access to the Bible now do, since the sponsored children carry home their Bibles and also preach and recite bible verses taught during the program to their families. Our vision is to ensure that all children who pass through our hands are nurtured by use of every opportunity and resources that we have to enable them to become useful people in the society. Letters are very valuable as children are able to express themselves to their sponsors even though they have never met.

from Humphrey R. Kai-Pastor of Wesa Church and Child Development Center in Kenya
The challenges that our community face are spiritual, intellectual and financial poverty.  But the Center has programs to overcome this scenario. The vision of the Center is to help children live to the fullest in their physical, spiritual, cognitive and socio-emotional areas and be able to share the same from generation to generations. Letter writing really cements the sponsor and child relationship. Even if children do not see their sponsors eye to eye, they feel a connection with sponsor through letters.

from Hermann Katutu-Pastor of Deliverance Church Child Development Center in Kenya
Our vision as both the center and the church is to support the d education of children and economically empower their guardians and parents through entrepreneurship training and information access. As part of implementing that vision, the church is setting up a resource center. The church empowers the children through mentorship and training on appropriate technology. Writing letters helps in building the relationship between the children and sponsors. Through correspondence, the children and their sponsors are able to share about their families, prayer requests, and experiences.

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