Thursday, April 30, 2015

Compassion Joys: April

On this last day of April, I'm linking up with Compassion Family and am looking back over the month and considering all my Compassion Joys!


We received 14 letters this month as well as 16 pastor letters!

You can read about part one of  the pastor letters here.

A few highlights from our letters:

Clarens - All about me template he asks us "to pray for his country, his family, and his school"

Edwin  - After a 6 month wait we finally received our first letter from Edwin. He thanked us for his birthday gift and was able to buy clothes and shoes.  He passed his school year and told us what all he had learned. He shared a verse with us: Proverb 19: Better the poor whose walk is blameless than a fool whose lips are perverse. Desire without knowledge is not good- how much more will hasty feet.

Mercy - She said she was inspired by the letter we wrote her. She says she loves Jesus as her savior.

Mohammed- He says he is in grade 3 and working hard to improve his studies.  He says "may the almighty God bless you so much together with your family".

Roplien (age 3)- My typical week template.  Roplien and his mother say thank you for the love and the beautiful letter.

Kiko-  He likes to play soccer and as for prayers for his family.

Shadrack- Wrote "I see you in the picture, you  are beautiful shining like a flower and sun. Please pray for my father he is sick.


We celebrated 2 birthdays this month.

                                                          Happy 6th Birthday Blessing!

                                                                Happy 7th Birthday Ida!

  New Kids

We received 4  new correspondence children.

                                                            Fabiano from Brazil

                                                          Daryls from Brazil

                                                             Luis from Bolivia
                                                            Andreas from Indonesia

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