Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Pre-Order Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World


I am very excited to be on the launch team for this book. Like Kristen I want to raise grateful kids above anything else. As parents it starts with us, they aren't born with entitlement, they learned it from us.

 “I don’t always know how to combat the struggle against entitlement in my life or home, but I need to try. Entitlement didn’t start with my kids. It began with me. I entitled them because I was entitled.

And as uncomfortable as it sounds, parents who want less-entitled kids have to be less entitled themselves, and parents who want to raise more grateful kids need to start by living more grateful lives."


- Kristen Welch, Raising Grateful Kids




How do you teach gratitude in your home?

Pre-Order your copy today!  (the book officially releases January 26).  The Global Family Kit.  A $20.00 value, FREE WITH YOUR PRE-ORDER from December 1 to January 25! Plus, you’ll get FREE SHIPPING!


Check out the Resources page at RaisingGratefulKids.com and you can read the first chapter free and download the discussion guide.

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