Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Life Is Beautiful {Review and Giveaway}

Sarah M. Johnson knows what it is to experience grief, as she lost her father and brother in a plane crash that she survived and the days after with her mother in the hospital with extreme injuries.. 'Life is Beautiful' is her first book. The story is not always pretty, the family went through some difficult times before the crash. Sarah battles depression and alcohol use, but through prayer and therapy, she begins to rely more and more on God and begins to so see how He is truly working to make her life beautiful again.

While Sarah M. Johnson was on a mission’s trip in Guatemala with her family, their plane crashed in a remote village, leaving eleven of the fourteen passengers dead. Her brother and father died in the crash, and her mother was severely burned. Sarah was not injured, but her life was completely turned upside down. 

"I want people who read, Life is Beautiful to know is that no matter what happens in our life, whether it be a particular trauma, loss, divorce, relationship conflict, job loss, illness, financial crisis, addiction, etc. that we all have the capacity to get through it. And once we get through this difficult time in our life, we have the ability to become stronger individuals because of it,” says Sarah.

Sarah is currently a graduate student seeking her Marriage and Family Therapy degree. After graduating, she plans to open up a private practice office and guide those who are seeking their own self-discoveries of love and happiness. Sarah believes that adversity is a gateway for change, and that through the difficult times of sorrow, loss, depression, anxiety, relationship issues, trauma, disease, or other mental illness, we can use this adversity to self-explore and change for the better.


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