Thursday, October 1, 2015

Rodan + Fields

I recently tried Redefine Nighttime Serum from Rodan + Fields and loved it. Below is Misti's story about how she came to love Rodan + Fields

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BEFORE 8/14/15
AFTER 9 /17 /15
She is using the Reverse regimen with the AMP Roller. Loving my results!

My name is Misti and I am a stay at home mom, I have an eight and six year old and a 20 year old in Collage Station!  I'm also a woman who has skin issues like everyone else! After pregnancy, I had a LOT of problems with acne and melasma (dark spots from all those hormones!). I tried multiple over the counter products AND prescription medications to no avail. I asked my friend, Dione, who is about my age and also has kids, how she has such BEAUTIFUL skin, and that's when I learned about Rodan and Fields! I started using it in August 2015, and within a couple of weeks, these AMAZING products have literally transformed my skin. To top that off, I've also entered the company as a consultant so that now that I'm SOLD on these products, I can share them with you! 

The BEAUTY of this company is that the products are medical grade cosmeceuticals created by world-renowned dermatologists, Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, who also created the insanely popular and effective Proactiv for acne issues. They have now transitioned from the acne industry into the anti-aging skincare business and have had incredible success. 

I love Rodan + Fields because they have products for every skin type and issue- from aging skin and fighting wrinkles, to battling sun spots and pregnancy spots, to acne and sensitive skin issues such as rosacea and eczema. I KNOW that most of us struggle with at least ONE problem with our skin! 

Personally, these are the first products I have ever used that have not only cleared up my acne, but also the first anti-aging products I have ever tried that don't irritate my skin and break it out! I have several close friends who have been using them and love them as well, and because we've had such AMAZING results, I'm now fully confident about sharing them with the rest of my family and friends! The other beautiful thing about this company is that it's a great business opportunity for me to continue being a stay at home mom, all the while taking great care of my skin! 

Sound interesting?

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