Monday, October 19, 2015

Fall Break- Grapevine Butterfly Festival & Nash Farm

We have gone the last several years to the 18th Annual Grapevine Butterfly Flutterby & Nash Farm. The girls always have so much fun.

At the Butterfly Festival they do several butterfly releases throughout the day at the Botanical gardens and have lots of kid friendly activities. Best of all the event is Free!

After spending some time at the Botanical Gardens we walked down to Nash Farm.  Admission is free but some activities and food require coupons. Here are some of the activities we did.

    After the hayride we stopped in the garden and picked some cotton.

I have some fond memories of sitting on the porch as a kid shelling peas and snapping beans. It was great to see the girls get to experience this.

 One of her favorite things to do-pony rides.

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