Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Make a global impact right where you are

At the Declare Conference I met some of the amazing people from The Seed Company.  They are doing some incredible work spreading God's word all over the world. You can be are part of their ministry too. You can make a difference from right where you are.

What if you could make the same global impact that is experienced on mission trips right where you are? It’s true. Let me tell you Albert’s story:


Albert is Bible translator in Indonesia working to have the Bible in his language, Lole. Greatly longing to be able to read the Word, Albert has been one of the biggest enthusiasts in his community for translating the Bible, even in the face of difficulty. During this project, eight-three year old Albert became so ill that the doctor recommended he stop translating, but Albert believed the Lord would heal him. His co-translator, Johnny, posted a prayer request for Albert on our website asking people, like you, to pray for Albert’s healing. Soon, Albert was back, passionate as ever, working to bring 20,000 people the Word of God.

Imagine yourself being a part of this miracle. The Internet globally connects us to our brothers and sisters in Christ. Harnessing its potential, Seed Company is introducing a way for the most disconnected people in the world to be in community with believers living oceans away. Together, we can redefine what it means to be a missionary and create a more connected, global church.

Seed Company is a Bible translating organization that partners with local churches and other Christian organizations in communities requesting the Bible in their own language. Our vision is to transform lives in every language in this generation. We want to see people transformed through the Gospel of Jesus, just as God has transformed us.

Seed Company is calling a new form of missionary to partner with us in creating a more connected, global church by bridging cultural gaps. We all can be missionaries, and this redefined missionary will join a translation project online community. You’ll be able to communicate directly with our translation teams and partners in the field all over the globe. Bible translation is a difficult process. You’ll be on the virtual mission field, using the Internet, to encourage our brothers and sisters in Christ translating God’s Word. These communities support Bible translation in 3 simple ways: praying, giving, and connecting.

Pray for your project. All over the world, Seed Company partners are facing real persecution to have the Bible is their own language. They need your prayers.  

Give through our monthly OneVerse Program. The premise of OneVerse is that a gift of $35 funds one translated verse of Scripture. Without the generous donations of others, Bible translation would not be possible.

Connect with the translation team involved in your project. You’ll provide encouragement, respond to updates, and assure them that they’re prayed for all through a stream of comment posts. This community is to build each other up.

If you’re unable to make a financial commitment, don’t be discouraged! You can still be involved in prayerfully and relationally. Our hearts is see a community of believers rallied around what God is doing in the world of Bible translation.


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