Monday, May 4, 2015

Motherhood-What matters most

I was reading this post dear mom who lost her temper from Proverbial Homemaker about motherhood the other day.

Being a mom is hard, we all have have bad days. I had one of those bad days this week. I always feel guilty losing my temper with my kids. Tauna's post really hit home for me.

In her post she shares these truths that come from GOD.
  • We should feel sad over our sin, yet we are not forsaken nor condemned.
  • We all fall short, yet He is not finished working on us.
  • We will sometimes stumble, but pointing them to Jesus is what matters most.
  • We are not the perfect mom, but in His perfect will God made us "Mom" to these children.
  • We can't succeed on our own efforts, yet we can do all thing through Christ.
Then you have a day when it's all worth it and you feel like you must be doing something right.  A friend called me one night this week, and her daughter is best friends with Elle. Her daughter had come home and told her what had happened that day from school. Her daughter had fallen really hard at school and after going to the nurse decided to sit the rest of recess. My daughter being the nurturer  she is, helped her get to the bench and sat with her the rest of recess. Her friend said "Ellie I wish I were you right now because my knee really hurts". Ellie responded "my mom says you should never wish you were anyone else, God made you perfect just how you are."

This is one of those moments when you feel you are doing something right. That even though we stumble through motherhood, pointing them to Jesus is what matters most.

My sweet sweet Elle, she has a heart of gold.

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