Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Gifts by His Grace and for His glory

My friend and I have been talking lately about what we think our calling from God is. About how we are all meant to serve the Lord in different ways. She believes her calling is teaching Sunday School, while I believe mine is sharing God's word while corresponding with all my Compassion kids. I love receiving their letters and reading about their blessings from God and the bible verses they are memorizing.  It is very humbling reading how grateful they are for the little things.

I am not a leader by nature. I like to serve in more hidden ways. I am an encourager and giver. So I pray that God will give the strength and knowledge to live out my calling to the best of my ability, in His grace and for His glory.

In His grace God has given us different gifts for doing certain things well. - Romans 12:6


In the same way, the Body of Christ exemplifies the beauty of diversity. We are encouragers and givers, leaders and teachers. Some serve in hidden ways, while others serve in more visible ways.
All are equally important.

So whatever we are called to do — whether it is serving, teaching, praying, leading, preaching, or giving — let us live out our callings to the best of our ability, because we know that every gift is by His grace, and for His glory.
-  From A Sunday Scripture- (in)courage Denise J. Hughes


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