Friday, April 17, 2015

No.41 Changing the world for one

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Want to make a difference in one child's life? How would you like to change the world for one? You can help by making a small donation to provide meals to a student in Rwanda. 

You can make a one time donation of $5 to provide a student with meals for one month (20 meals!).  Or you can make a $5 monthly sponsorship and you can feed a student in Rwanda, every day, for a year (240 meals!).  You can also make just a one time donation.

For more information you can visit No.41.

If you are interested a student sponsorship check out the No.41 Shop
They also have bags handmade by the girls at No.41 as well as T-shirts.

About No.41 

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"Do FOR ONE what you wish you could do for all." -Andy Stanley

When No.41 started, there were, roughly, 100 young adults over the age of 18 living in the Noel Orphanage. With no family and limited resources, the prospect of university or becoming gainfully employed was low. Along with that, confidence was low, dreams were small and hope was almost non-existent. It was important, not only to provide a means of sustainable employment doing a culturally relevant trade for these girls, but also to remind them that they were created for a great purpose, by an even greater God. We all have been given gifts and talents and, once realized, we should spend those helping others and that is where the feeding program came in.
In our village there are three secondary schools, grades 7-12, and these students go to school all day, most without eating. The schools, generally, offer a 20-minute break for lunch where children who live close enough or have money, may go home to go to the market to eat. Most do not.
All that has transpired at No.41 is beyond our wildest dreams. We have had ten girls move themselves out of the orphanage and we now have 19 enrolled in university. We have career fairs and business trainings, bible study and English class. I never believed this couldn’t happen, but I never imagined it would happen like this. No.41 is a testament to all that God wants to do in you and through you, if you’ll just say, yes.

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